I have been given the utmost honour of guest lecturing in a science class at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Many scientists from around the world have had this privilege, but never a gnome. This esteemed institution was established in 1551, which is incredibly ancient for a human higher educational campus. Over the centuries many excellent scientists have passed through these gates and gone on to improve the world. 

On the subject of gates, is this the biggest university entrance sign in the world? Does anyone know of any bigger? 

I digress. Some students and I conducted a weighing for my experiment, and then I spent an hour discussing world gravitational differences and a good 10 minute aside about the upcoming gnome governmental elections. The students had the good nature to humour me, and then asked many pertinent questions which have set my mind racing with thoughts of further experiments which I will have to find funding for.

I will write up my notes along with the results from Lima and share them with you all this week.

I have some incredible news to share as well. My next 5 destinations have been planned, and they are spectacular. No gnome has ever set foot in at least 2 of them!